I Pledge Allegiance to King Jesus

Keith Simon

Patrick Miller

Dr. Matthew Bates

What do you think of when you hear “allegiance”? The Pledge of Allegiance (to the flag…)? Pledging your allegiance is dedicating your life to something. It’s not just being willing to suffer and die for a cause; it’s living it out in everything you do. Is that how you view Christianity?In this episode, Keith and Patrick discuss allegiance and the gospel with Dr. Matthew Bates, a professor of Theology at the Quincy University, author of the newly released book Gospel Allegiance, and co-host of the podcast OnScript. Join the discussion to learn what discipleship looks like, how to be faithful, and where grace fits in.Interested in more content like this? Make sure to scroll down for more resources and related episodes, including a conversation covering Kanye West, Jesus is King, & the Christian Response.To learn more, visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @TheCrossingCOMO.