Lifting Our Eyes | Psalm 47

While all the Psalms were written centuries before Jesus was born, Psalm 47 (much like we saw in our last episode on Psalm 45) brings the future reign of Jesus into our present praises. And in doing so it helps us to lift up our eyes to see the bigger horizon of our bigger story. It really is amazing how the Holy Spirit inspired these psalms with prophetic insight to see a future better detailed in the last two chapters of the Bible. Of course, all the Bible gives us glimpses into this story, as Jesus says in (Luke 24:44). Including (if not especially) the Psalms. Again, if we can see the bigger story our life is in because God became Jesus and lived and died and rose again and is returning with his resurrection kingdom — there is a life-lifting power in that. Like with Psalm 45, at first pass we may not think this psalm has much to offer us in worshiping God. But it is another amazing Holy Spirit inspired prophetic announcement of the bigger story our life is in. Psalm 47 ESV 1 Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy! 2 For the LORD, the Most High, is to be feared, a great king over all the earth. 3 He subdued peoples under us, and nations under our feet. 4 He chose our heritage for us, the pride of Jacob whom he loves. Selah 5 God has gone up with a shout, the LORD with the sound of a trumpet. 6 Sing praises to God, sing praises! Sing praises to our King, sing praises! 7 For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises with a psalm! 8 God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne. 9 The princes of the peoples gather as the people of the God of Abraham. For the shields of the earth belong to God; he is highly exalted! Follow Dave Cover on Twitter (@davecover) Follow A Bigger Life on Twitter (@ABiggerLifePod) This podcast is a ministry of (The Crossing), a church in Columbia, Missouri, a college town where the flagship campus of the University of Missouri is located. Like this content? Make sure to share it with others and leave us a rating, so others can find it too.