What Turned My Prayer Life Right-Side Up | Psalm 16:1-6

A new episode of A Bigger Life podcast is loaded every Tuesday and Thursday. If you’ve ever felt that you needed to learn to pray more, now would be a good time. These are unprecedented, uncertain times. And a very powerful way to pray is to pray through scripture. When Dave Cover was in college, he developed a small practice that turned his prayer life upside down, or actually right-side up. It was a watershed moment. To this day he thinks about his life as "pre-that moment and post-that moment. ... Before that moment my walk with God was learning things about God. But after that it was getting to know God." In this prayer podcast, Dave shares that small practice with us: praying scripture back to God. He teaches us how to do it by example. He focuses on Psalm 16:1-6, an ancient prayer among ancient prayers which Jesus said were written by the Holy Spirit (Mk 12:36). Dave offers fresh insights on this Psalm and guides us through praying it back to God.