Why an Atheist Homicide Detective Changed His Mind About the Resurrection

Keith Simon

Detective J. Warner Wallace

How can a rational, intelligent person believe that Jesus rose from the dead? J. Warner Wallace, a Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, asked this question as an atheist in his 30s. He hoped to disprove the resurrection by using the skills he developed solving unsolved murders. Instead, he proved the opposite.In this episode, he shares his journey and the evidence he found that led him to become a follower of Jesus.If you're interested in following J. Warner Wallace, check out his Twitter: @jwarnerwallace. You can also purchase his book Cold-Case Christianity online.Do you follow us on Twitter? Now's a great time to start: @tmbtpodcast. Want to follow Patrick or Keith? Check them out here: PatrickKMiller_ & KeithSimon_