Why God Chooses the Humble

Patrick Miller

“Our culture is fixated on being great, but Mary says, 'God fixes the world through the lowly.' Our culture calls the thoughts of the proud and the powerful 'visions'—they're visionaries—but God calls the humble to build His vision of heaven on earth.“ Do you ever wonder why other people are chosen over you? Why did they get the job? Why did they get the recognition? Why did they get the opportunity? In the back of your mind, you're probably thinking, “I'm better than them. I'm more deserving.“ That happened all throughout the Bible. That's probably what Mary's friends and David's older brothers thought. Understand what God's looking for and why He chooses certain people from Patrick as he read through Luke 1:46-55 to continue our series on Learning to Follow Jesus. In this episode, we talk about humble leaders throughout the Bible. 
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