A Very Basic Christian Meditation

Dave Cover

I want to give you the basic structure I use for Christian meditation.Eventually — once you learn the basic structure — you can even do it for a three to five-minute meditation to do easily and quickly at home, at work, before an important meeting, when you’re stuck in traffic, or anytime you have a pain or anxiety flare. You can do it lying flat on your back, or sitting in a chair or sometimes I do it even while walking. It works. Although not in the same way as if I’m lying down. But something is always better than nothing. And it’s a great practice to learn to do whenever you can, wherever you are.I’m going to do it longer in this episode by explaining and giving you more time to learn what to focus on. So I’m going to record this episode and then the next episode will be a shorter Christian meditation without much explanation that you can use whenever. But with practice you can do it as quickly as you need to in any moment. But setting aside a longer time to do it each day (20-30 min) will make a much bigger difference not only in your central nervous system but in your sense of walking with God every moment of your day. This will change your life.Here’s How to Do ItClose your eyes if that feels comfortable where you are. Uncross your legs (easier for your cognitive mapping). Take a deep belly breath in through your nose. Hold it for a few seconds and feel it in your body. Now slowly exhale, and quietly say “Relax” to yourself. Focus on feeling your whole body release clenched tension and relax. Learn to feel your body from within (this gets easier with practice). Feeling the weight/life/letting go of clenched tension in your body. All at once. Now let’s focus your attention on different parts of your body. Start with the top of your head…eyes…face…jaw…neck and shoulders…arms…hands…upper and lower back…around to your chest…your stomach…pelvic area…hips and thighs…knees…calves…all the way down to your feet and toes. Let your body feel limp, heavy, and loose, like you’re floating. Focus your mind on feeling your whole body from within. If you’re in a situation where you’re walking and still having to use certain muscles, then just focus on releasing as much tension in your body as you can and focus on feeling your whole body from within. Now like I said, lots of people do this kind of meditation. And all kinds of studies have shown what we have focused on so far is incredibly helpful to your central nervous system. But as Christians we can take this kind of meditation to a whole new level. We can experience our embodied connection with God right now in this moment. It’s like what Jesus teaches in Matthew 6:6……When you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret.In that sense one kind of prayer is simply an awareness of and connection to God.Sometimes as Christians we think our faith in Christ is mostly something about the future. And certainly it is that. But that mostly future emphasis is not really a biblical faith. Because the Bible teaches that our connection with God is always in the present moment. He’s the I AM. If you are in Christ and Christ is in you, then in this very moment his Holy Spirit dwells in your body as his holy temple (1 Cor 6:19). Too often we adopt a very unbiblical and unchristian view of our body somehow being separate from or at least unrelated to our soul and our salvation. But the Bible teaches that your body is actually a vital part of your eternal soul. God created your body when he created you (Ps 139:13-16) and your body is a key part of your eternal redemption in Christ (Rom 8:23-24). You are your body — you are more than just your body but you are not less than your body – and your body is part of the eternal you (Phil 3:20-21). Resurrection (Rom 8:11; 1 Cor 15:51-55). And right now your body is a holy (1 Cor 6:11) temple of God‘s Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19)! So really more than any other worldview or religion, Christians of all people should embrace their body right now as an eternally important part of who they are.So one of the things you want to do in this kind of Christian meditation is re-integrate your body with your mind and soul. Sensing your God-created body as an important part of who you are. And recalibrate your body with the reality of God‘s presence in you and around you in every moment (Acts 17:28). Feeling in your body an awareness of God‘s infinite and intimate love for you. And you can do that through envisioning and feeling these truths into your body by using your biblically guided imagination. And the more you practice that, because of neural plasticity, neurons that fire together wire together — the more you use your biblically guided imagination to imagine/envision/feel God‘s Spirit and God‘s love in your body — the more you will mentally integrate/connect your body with God’s transcendent spiritual reality in every moment. Because the present moment is always the moment when we connect with God. He’s the I AM. He is always in the present tense in the present moment. And the present moment is always where we connect with him. And understanding and experiencing that will change your life!So let’s come back to your breathing – the rhythm of your breathing — and feeling your body from within. And using your biblically guided imagination to feel — from within —the reality of God‘s presence giving life and love into your whole body.And, right now, imagine the Spirit of God giving life to every cell in your body (Acts 3:15) — filling your entire body as his Holy Temple (1 Cor 6:19) — every cell in your body — with his Life and Light and Love and Presence and Glory (Col 1:16-17). Imagine/envision and feel God’s Life and Light going up and down your spine and flowing through your veins all throughout your entire body (Acts 17:28). Imagine your whole body being connected to God’s life-giving, light-giving, transcendence as the I AM. The source of all existence (John 1:3-4). The giver of all life (Ps 104:29-30). The one who inhabits eternity (Isa 57:15). But the one who is always 100% present in the present moment (without being any less present anywhere else because he is infinite). Imagine God 100% focused on YOU right now with his infinite and intimate love and care (Ps 139:1-10; Matt 6:6). Who can you share this podcast with? If you found this episode helpful, consider sharing it on social media or texting it to a friend you think might benefit from it.Follow Dave Cover on Twitter @davecoverFollow A Bigger Life on Twitter @ABiggerLifePodOur audio engineer is Diego Huaman.This podcast is a ministry of The Crossing, a church in Columbia, Missouri, a college town where the flagship campus of the University of Missouri is located.