Do I Really Need to Go to Church on Sunday’s?

This may be a challenging one! Join us as we deep dive into conversation about deciding to go back to, or find, a church home. There are many reasons you could be looking for a [new]church or trying to go back to a church in this post-COVID era. As moms, it's hard to rally the kids and get everyone ready, but it's also hard to virtually attend church while taking care of the children mid-sermon. You might have gotten hurt by your church or maybe don't know where to start and need a push in the right direction.


Today we look at and challenge why you or some we know might not be attending church. As Christian women, we have a personal relationship with Christ, but we hope to encourage community worship and grow our faith together.

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Key Takeaways:

03:34 - 04:33 Most of us(or all) are at church because we are broken sinners needing a savior

05:39 - 06:43 Verse in Hebrews - Needing others to encourage us and grow our faith together

10:28 - 12:05 Church was created to be a place of communal worship

14:01 - 16:34 To those considering leaving your current church and finding a new one

19:52 - 21:48 Understanding that some people have been hurt/traumatized by their church