Welcome to Rhythm

Welcome to Rhythm, a twice daily prayer podcast. 

If your life feels chaotic, structure is a gift. If your heart is battered by anxiety, structure can protect you from the waves. If your spirit is stagnant, structure can guide new growth. 

Christians throughout the ages have understood this and designed rhythms of prayer by which the Spirit can guide, protect, and nurture our souls. Just as the wise farmer builds trellises to grow vines, the Spirit uses the trellis of daily prayer and scripture to grow you.

This podcast is intended to reconnect you to the Spirit of Jesus. Beginning Monday, September 11, tune in twice a day for ten weeks to set your daily rhythm to the Spirit’s tempo. 

These prayers are inspired by the psalms and by the ancient wisdom of apprentices of Jesus. And they are read alongside original compositions created and played by a trio of musicians from our local church.

May these prayers help you find solitude. Find peace. Find God. And make the Spirit your rhythm.

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Thank you to the community who came together to produce this project:


Prayer readers: Mónica Rosado Bruno, Dave Cover 

Musicians: Diego Huamán, Rafael Nieves-Rosario, David Witter

Audio engineer: Grady Frazier

Scripture readers: Jensen Holt McNair, Grady Frazier, Audrey Sharp, Scott Johnson, Velma Harvey, Joseph Wilson, Chely Stratton, Michael Porter Sr., Deidra Ollie, Jeff Parrett

Digital Project Manager: Jamie Gleeson

Producers: Anna Lynne Frazier, Grady Frazier, Patrick Miller


Prayers written by Patrick Miller

Editing and Mixing by Andy Freeman