"It's Hard to Say Scary Things" with Daniel & Alex Moore

Hiring a financial advisor to help you make good investments for your future is praiseworthy and encouraged. So when your relationship is in trouble, why is seeking advice often looked down upon?

Daniel & Alex Moore knew their marriage was in trouble when they were arguing at 3:00am about "whose life is harder". Knowing that they were stuck in a bad pattern pushed them to take the plunge into marriage counseling.

What they found was that being honest about their struggles and learning to say scary things out loud was actually the first step to building a friendship that would last the test of time.

Stories in the Weeds is a real life look into how the process of how counseling can bring hope and relief when the pressures of life get overwhelming.

Life is messy, but having someone with you in the mess can make all the difference in the world.

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