What Every Child Needs to Grow

This episode launches our new series: Becoming a Whole Person. 

You are on a growth journey towards becoming a whole person, no matter how old you are. In fact, you never stop growing!

All children need basic ingredients to grow, and these are actually the same ingredients that you need to keep growing as an adult.

In this episode, John, Lynn and Austin discuss two key ingredients for growth: Love and Limits. As you listen, you will discover:

- What are love and limits

- How the presence (or absence) of love and limits impacts growth for kids and adults

- Practical takeaways for parents to help their child keep growing towards becoming a whole person

So whether you are a parent, ministry leader, young professional, mentor, teacher, or you’re just wanting to know for yourself how to stay on a growth path to becoming a whole person, this series is going to offer you the nuts and bolts of what it takes to develop along the way.

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