What Every Child Needs to Know Pt. 1

Everyone is looking for the answer to these two questions:

Am I loved?

Can I be free?

It may sound simple, but these two core questions are a driving force in every child's psychological and emotional development.

So what does a child need from a parent to know the answer to the question: "Am I loved?" 

John, Shay and Lynn will get specific about how parents can help their child build a strong internal "love container" that will help them move through life with confidence.

They also discuss the implications of not having this question answered, and how that impacts a person even in adulthood.

Stay tuned to this Becoming a Whole Person series, so that you can learn the basic ingredients everyone needs to continue growing in maturity and wisdom.

Books recommendations:

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker, M.D.

Boys Should Be Boys by Meg Meeker, M.D.

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