What Every Child Needs to Know Pt. 2

The 2 core questions that you are asking in every stage of development are:

Am I loved?

Can I be free?

This episode explores the 2nd question: "Can I be free?" 

The heart behind this question is wondering if you can be your own person, be independent, and be your own authority.

When you begin to notice how this question presents itself, you'll have a better understanding of what drives you as an adult, as well as what drives the heart of your child.

Parents are helping children build an internal "freedom" container which creates independence because we were created for autonomy with the ability to make our own meaningful choices.

Yet true freedom happens within limits. Both adults and kids need to understand what those limits are in order to exercise impulse control and delayed gratification which builds wisdom and character.

Join John, Lynn & Shay as they address the importance of answering this core question as you work towards Becoming a Whole Person.

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