What Every Parent Can't Avoid

You can ignore, dismiss, punish or try to fix emotions, but the reality is that they aren't going away.

Until you can become emotionally intelligent yourself, it will be difficult for you to give your child the one thing they need from you the most: your heart.

Relationships are built on emotional connection, but without modeling or instruction on how to identify and work with emotions, you may think that avoiding them is your only option.

John & Lynn directly address the question of how to engage with your child's emotions in a way that creates further connection and builds relational trust.

Using John & Julie Gottman's research on Emotion Coaching, John and Lynn offer a primer in how to coach yourself and your kids through the myriad of emotions that you can't avoid in life.

For more information on Emotion Coaching, check out The Gottman Institute: https://www.gottman.com

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