What Every Parent Needs to Hear

Many parents are imprisoned by the pressure to be perfect, and have all the right answers and responses. 

But the reality is that every parent and caregiver makes mistakes and fails their kids. 

John and Austin discuss the 4 biggest mistakes they see from parents:

1) Trying to control your kids

2) Ignoring your kids needs

3) Avoiding vulnerability & ownership

4) Inconsistency & unpredictability

Each of these mistakes brings misunderstanding, frustration and hurt. So what can you do instead? 

Listen in to hear the 4 key responses you can provide in these areas that have the power to bring hope and healing to your relationship.

The main takeaway from this episode is that when you learn that you are flawed and still loved, that is a gift you can give your kids too. So be encouraged by what every parent needs to hear - "good enough parenting" is enough. 

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