What Every Parent Regrets the Most: True Confessions of Shay & Lynn

Parenting can feel like walking blindfolded on a greased tightrope over a frightening chasm. Having firm anchoring points along the way can ease your fears and help you know how to take the next step.

Many parents fall off the tightrope by either "under" or "over" disciplining, which can strain relationships or cause future pain.

This "true confessions" episode with Austin, Shay and Lynn will encourage you to keep going on your parenting journey and keep you focused on where you want to go.

Reflecting on your parenting regrets isn't a fun exercise, but as Shay & Lynn confess the ways that they either "under" or "over" disciplined their kids, we hope you learn and grow as a parent.

The team also tackles the topic of spanking, so you won't want to miss this honest conversation.

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