Obeying God Includes Suffering

This statement may be hard to accept, but without a biblically accurate view of suffering, not only will you feel stuck, but you may also hurt yourself and mislead others, leading to despair and giving up on God.

John, Shay, and Austin explain how a better, more accurate belief is that: “Obeying God Includes Suffering.” When you come to understand the reason why this is true, you will find greater degrees of acceptance, healing, and comfort in the midst of your suffering. 

Suffering is always painful and never easy, but embracing these 3 realities can make a difference in your life:

1) You will suffer in this life, but Jesus is with you in the midst of that suffering.

2) Managing your suffering includes being honest, being in community and keeping Scripture in mind. 

3) Growth can happen when you suffer: you can grow in resilience, character, compassion, and knowledge of God.

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