"'Shoulds' Are Good For You"

"I should read my bible more"

"I should get in shape"

"I should be more successful in my job"

"I should be a better friend/parent/Christian, etc"

Is your thought life full of all the things you "should" be doing? When you "should" on yourself, does it help you change, grow or do better?

So many people live under the heavy burden of things they "should" be doing, but then feel discouraged, ashamed or disappointed when they can't live up to their own standards. 

John, Lynn, and Shay discuss the following 4 areas of life where we most often experience "shoulds" and explore why we believe them:

- Religious "shoulds"

- Vocational "shoulds"

- Marriage "shoulds"

- Parenting "shoulds"

When you’re finished, you’ll have a better idea of which “shoulds” plague you and how this belief might be keeping you stuck. 

Identifying this false belief is the starting point to getting unstuck and moving towards a better belief.

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