Facing Chronic Illness and Not Losing Faith

Imagine that you’re in a tunnel and you don’t see a way out. Or maybe there isn’t a way out. What would that feel like? 

If you are managing a chronic illness, or love someone who is, the feeling of being trapped in a tunnel may be all too familiar. Whether it’s chronic pain, autoimmune disease, recurrent migraines, cancer or some other life-altering illness that prevents you from living a “normal” life, you’re probably exhausted.

In this episode, John, Shay and Lynn share openly and personally about the impact of chronic illness on your mental and emotional health, as well as your relationships and spiritual life. The discouragement, depression and fear are powerful when you are in the tunnel, and we want to speak to these feelings and help guide you through the darkness.

If you can relate to this struggle, or know someone else who needs to be encouraged while battling difficult health circumstances, this episode was created just for you.

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