Facing Church Hurt and Not Losing Faith

Have the flaws and imperfections in the body of Christ become a stumbling block to your faith? Whether it's a church leader abusing their power, a congregation full of gossip, or a legalistic message that curdles your soul, a church can be a source of hurt just as easily as a source of healing.

In this special episode, Austin interviews author, pastor, and university professor Trevin Wax, to discuss the ways that being part of a church can be both a source of blessing and pain. For as many ways as fellowship with other believers can be life-giving, there is also an opportunity for hurt that can lead to distrust and rejection of the faith altogether.

This episode will both challenge and encourage you to think more deeply about why your role in a church matters, how powerful your personal influence is on the body of Christ, and how to process church hurt when it happens.

To hear more from Trevin Wax, check out his podcast Reconstructing Faith, or his books The Thrill of Orthodoxy and Rethink Yourself.

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