Facing Suffering and Not Losing Faith

When you're suffering and in pain, hope is something you wish would arrive like a package on your doorstep. But that's not actually how hope is formed.

In this special episode, John and Austin interview Christian psychiatrist Curt Thompson, MD, author of the book: "The Deepest Place: Suffering and the Formation of Hope".

This conversation will completely change the way you've thought about HOPE, and dispel the belief that forming hope is a solitary exercise.

Hope is not something that "I try to have", but something that "we form together" through the power of presence and relational connection. All of your efforts to manage the suffering of life are in some fashion designed to pull you into a relationship with someone, or something, that can be WITH YOU in the pain.

We are honored that Curt Thompson joined the WYITW team to share his love of psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and biblical scholarship!

We know you will be encouraged by Curt's insight, and will want to check out his books that have shaped our thinking as Christian therapists, as well as his podcast, Being Known.


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