The Battle for Your Wounded Heart

As counselors, we know that everyone is walking around with hurts, wounds, injuries, fears, losses, and traumas as a result of living under the curse of sin.

And whether you know it or not, or want to admit it or not, your heart has been wounded. Your story contains scenes of heartache and pain, and your sense of being loved by God has been disrupted in some way that is unique to you.

In this episode John & Lynn make the case that: unless you know the terrain of your story, and where you’ve been wounded, then you may be lost, confused, easily deceived, or helpless to resist the enemy’s tactics in your life.

We’d like to help you know the map of your heart, and how the enemy may already be playing on your vulnerabilities, so that you can become wise, discerning, and ultimately experience God’s love in a profound way as you learn how to intelligently fight your spiritual battles.

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