All That's Lost Will Be Restored

What happens after you die?

Where will heaven be?

What will you do in heaven?

Whether you know it or not, your beliefs about heaven impact your current perspective. And without a biblically informed understanding of heaven, you may be prone to adopting a narrative about what happens after death that is inaccurate.

What Shay & Austin explain in this episode is that ultimately, heaven is relational. Meaning, heaven is where you will be fully known and fully loved, enjoying perfect community with Jesus and those you have loved and known here on earth.

Once you come to understand the significance of how Jesus will make all things new, and wipe away every tear from your eyes, your present sufferings and hardships will not feel so hopeless.

Listen as Shay and Austin give a vision for heaven that will tap into your deepest longing for all things lost to be restored. 

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