Do You Feel Like a Spiritual Imposter?

Have you noticed that we live in a world where you are judged by your performance? 

Your sense of purpose, identity and value seems to hang on the balance of how well you perform in school, at work, as a parent and even as a Christian. But what happens when you realize you can’t measure up, no matter how hard you try? 

Pastor Erwin Lutzer joins Lynn Roush & Shay Roush on this second episode in our Grounded in Grace series, where they discuss the self-doubt, fear of failure and insecurities that exhaust and paralyze you when trying to perform your way into love and acceptance. 

What if you could depend on someone else’s perfect performance and rest in the fact that someone else has done everything necessary for you to be safe, secure and accepted? This powerful teaching of justification might be the most unbelieveable part of the gospel message.

Listen in so that you can be anchored and rooted in God’s grace and not feel like a spiritual imposter!

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