"I Didn't Know How to Grieve" with James Bachman

One of the most beneficial aspects of counseling is taking the time to reflect on the story of your life.

In this new pop-up series called "Stories in the Weeds", Austin Conner interviews James Bachman as he recalls how he initially believed that grieving was only necessary after a huge loss in life, like the death of his father.

But what James came to understand as he worked through his story, is that both big and small losses need to be grieved, or you will stay stuck.

The WYITW team believes that your unique and complex story holds powerful insights waiting to be explored. 

As you listen to how counseling gave James a new perspective on life and helped him grow as a person, we hope you are inspired to dig deeper into your own story.

Be looking for more "Stories in the Weeds" in the future, so you can be a fly on the wall and listen in to how and why counseling can be an effective tool to substantial transformation.