The Father You've Always Longed For

If this title hits a nerve, you’re in good company because everyone has some sort of internal emotional response when they think of their father, good or bad. But we’re talking about it because we’re all children with a built-in longing to connect with our father.

And given that no one has had a perfect human father, it's hard for us to imagine God as our Heavenly Father being as good as the Bible tells us he is.

In this episode Lynn, John, and Austin discuss what spiritual adoption is and the implications it has in our lives when we relate to God as our Father:

Spiritual adoption means our debts are canceled.

Spiritual adoption means God feels compassion and tenderness towards us. 

Spiritual adoption means it’s possible to reshape our father filter.

Being Grounded in Grace includes embracing your identity as a child of God, so you don't want to miss this compelling conversation.


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