Relationship Red Flags

The best way to protect yourself from a destructive relationship is to avoid entering it in the first place.

But red flags in a relationship may be not be obvious to you once you're attached and emotionally invested in someone, so it may require other people helping you see what you can't see on your own.

Angie Phillips, co-host of "Blended, Blessed and Always a Mess", joins Lynn Roush to discuss the Red Flags that should be warning signs to anyone in a relationship. Angie's daughter, Hallie, was caught in an unhealthy relationship that ultimately took her life due to gross firearm negligence.

Angie's TikTok went viral when she posted a video on "Relationship Red Flags" shortly after the tragic death of her 20 year-old daughter Hallie, and she is now passionate about spreading awareness on this topic in hopes of helping others.

Recognizing these red flags could quite literally save your life, so you don't want to miss this interview. Please share it with someone who needs this information.

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