The Roots of Narcissism

Do you feel confused, manipulated or controlled in a relationship? Are you looking for spiritual and psychological insight into the complex and painful roots of narcissism?

Lynn Roush, LPC and Pastor Erwin Lutzer address the origins of narcissism from a psychological and biblical perspective that provide clarity and crucial information if you find yourself entangled with a difficult person in your life.

They discuss the 5 traits of a narcissistic personality, as well as the 5 stages of bonding in a relationship with a narcissistic person which are:

1. Decide on a target and declare love 

2. Devalue the person 

3. Deploy defense mechanisms

4. Create dissonance and confusion

5. Destroy the person’s sense of Self


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Our guest, Pastor Erwin Lutzer, is best known for his 37 years of pastoring the Moody Church in Chicago, and has authored over 50 books including "Why Good People Do Bad Things" and "The Power of a Clear Conscience". His preaching is heard around the world through his radio program, “Running to Win”.

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