The 3 Rules of a Dysfunctional Family

Do you feel frustrated, hurt or misunderstood in your family? Do you have family relationships that are strained or broken?

There may be some underlying forces at work in your family that you didn't even know were there.

The 3 rules that guide the interactions of a dysfunctional family are:

- Don't Talk

- Don't Trust

- Don't Feel

These rules may not be posted on the refrigerator for all to see, but they are actively at work behind the scenes.

This first episode in our new series Managing Your Dysfunctional Family is all about helping you make sense of rules you grew up with and how they've shaped the relationships in your family.

John Tinnin, Austin Conner and Lynn Roush explain these rules as outlined in the book "It Will Never Happen to Me" by Claudia Black.

Once you know the rules that govern your family, you can begin to break the generational cycles that may be keeping you stuck.

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