The Roots of Bitterness

“Bitterness stops the clock of your life.”

Do you know a bitter person? If you do then you’ve seen and felt how they are stuck in their anger, resentment, and inability to move beyond hurts and slights from their past. 

This person couldn’t be you, could it?

Listen in as John, Austin, and Shay discuss:

- What bitterness is: Hardened, settled anger and resentment

- Where it shows up: In your relationships with others and with God

- The causes of bitterness: Hurtful relational circumstances AND powerful spiritual forces

- The problems it causes: Blinds, Baits, Burdens, Bleeds over, and Belittles God’s grace

If you feel stuck in bitterness and you want to restart the clock of your life, this is the episode for you.

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