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Core Values

Ministries/Crossing Kids

Our mission is to partner with families to help kids develop a lifetime relationship with Jesus.

Partnering With Families

  • The church must partner with families because God intends kids to learn in the context of family relationships.
  • Two combined influences make a greater impact than two separate influences.

Targeting The Heart

  • God’s word teaches that behavior is rooted in the heart. Therefore, we want children to have a heart to follow God, not just to go through outward motions.
  • Teaching must focus on cultivating a heart that loves God and trusts his promises above all else, rather than just seeking to change behavior.

God-Centered, Grace-Centered Teaching

  • Teaching must be centered on God’s word.
  • Teaching must focus on the gospel of God’s grace as the primary motivation for obeying Christ.
  • Teaching must be application-oriented, rather than just imparting knowledge.

Relationships With Others

  • Relationships with others in the church are an essential component of spiritual growth.
  • Learning and relationships should always be in a safe, caring, and comfortable environment for children.


  • We must teach children that everything we have is given to us by God and should be used to bring him glory.
  • We must provide opportunities for children to express their faith through serving, giving, and reaching out to others both inside and outside the church.

Kid-Relevant Teaching and Programs

  • Teaching must be appropriate to a child’s physical, social, cognitive, and spiritual development.
  • Different children have different learning styles, so we must teach in a variety of creative ways.
  • We must seek to understand a child’s cultural influences and relate to that culture, while never compromising biblical truth.
  • Our standards must meet the level of quality and excellence expected by those outside the church.