12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid

Tim Elmore

You’re deeply committed to helping your kids succeed. But you’re concerned―why are so many graduates unprepared to enter the workforce and face life on their own? You’re doing your best to raise healthy children, but sometimes you wonder, am I really helping them?

Tim Elmore shows you how to avoid twelve critical mistakes parents unintentionally make. He outlines practical and effective parenting skills so you won’t fall into common traps, such as…

  1. making happiness a goal instead of a by-product
  2. not letting kids struggle or fight for what they believe
  3. not letting them fail or suffer consequences
  4. lying about kids’ potential―and not exploring their true potential
  5. giving them what they should earn

Find out why thousands of organizations have sought out Tim Elmore to help them develop young leaders―and how you can improve your parenting skills and help your kids soar.

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