First Bible Basics: A Counting Primer

First Bible Basics: A Counting Primer

Danielle Hitchen

Teach Your Child Counting and Bible Basics

Your family will love this unique board book! First Bible Basics goes beyond bible stories to actual theology. Each page features colorful, engaging artwork, and the 1-10 counting format reframes abstract, but vitally important biblical content in a way young children can understand and enjoy. 

Your child will delight in the bright illustrations, and as they count along with you, they will be exposed to the vocabulary of basic theology in a way that will help them categorize and retain the information.

You will appreciate the artistic design, engaging content, and developing a foundation for deeper, more meaningful conversations about God with your little one. And who knows? You might even learn something about the Bible you didn't know before!


Baby Believer primers are designed to grow with children, from early infancy through elementary school. In addition to basic Bible theology, Baby Believer board books are filled with quotations from the Bible, creeds, hymns, church fathers, and other articles of faith to help reinforce the content and provide intellectual handholds for older children who possess a greater capacity for learning and memorization.

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