Love Can: A Story of God's Superpower Helper

Love Can: A Story of God's Superpower Helper

Quina Aragon

This vibrant and imaginative picture book for kids explores the Holy Spirit’s vital role in God’s plan to bring love to all His children.  

***Love can be patient when waiting in line. Love can be kind when no one is nice. Love can share even when it’s hard. Love can be honest and not tell a lie. But perhaps the toughest thing Love can do: Love can forgive when others hurt you.

***God is love, and each part of the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—work in perfect unity to carry out the Lord’s plan for His precious children. In her signature lyrical style, author and spoken word artist Quina Aragon explains to kids who the Holy Spirit is (God’s superhero helper) and how he works inside of our hearts to allow us to love like our Heavenly Father does.  Love Can will deepen your child’s faith and encourage them to choose love in all situations.

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