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Core Values

Ministries/Crossing Students

Gospel Centered

The Crossing Students Team is committed to not simply preaching morals but preaching the Gospel of Grace. While the Bible has commands, when we reduce it to a list of rules, the core message is lost. We don’t seek to produce “good kids” but disciples of Jesus.

Biblically Founded

The underlying foundation of everything at The Crossing and Crossing Students is the Bible. We believe it is the authoritative Word of God and that it is our “daily bread” that we need more than food, even if we don’t realize it. Therefore, every class, bible study, book discussion, leader meeting, and small group is both rooted in and focused on God’s Word.

Relationship Focused

Evangelism and discipleship are both most fruitfully carried out within the context of genuine relationships. From small groups to Sunday mornings to special events, everything we do promotes honest and growing relationships between students and students and students and leaders.

Because of this emphasis on relational ministry we are driven by volunteers. Four full-time staff oversee 50 plus volunteers who each spend 5-10 hours per week developing relationships with and pouring into students. Each volunteer submits an application, is interviewed, has a background check performed, commits to regular leader meetings and regular one-on-one meetings with a staff member.

Parent Partnered

As important as it is for students to be involved in a ministry and a church, a teenager’s most impactful spiritual influence is their parents. Crossing Students aims to partner with parents and families. The Crossing offers regular Legacy Classes to inform and help families. Additionally, we welcome feedback, criticism, and communication with both students and parents.