How to be Good and Angry

Paul Tripp

What is anger? We all experience it. It seems so natural. It eats at us and shows itself in so many different ways: coldness, sarcasm, yelling, rage, self-injury, disrespect, abuse, and silence. Do we have to just manage our anger, keeping a tight lid on it, so it does not overflow? Yet anger is one of God’s holy attributes. We as his image-bearers have the capacity for godly anger. However, since his image in us has been corrupted, we also have the capacity for resentment and hatred. We often start with what we believe is a righteous anger against injustice, but then something goes wrong: what started out as good, becomes selfish and destructive. In this live conference on DVD, Paul Tripp seeks to help us deal with the problems of anger, and hope as we face it. The Bible is shockingly honest about anger’s cause and very encouraging about its cure. 6 sessions averaging 24 minutes each.