War of Words

War of Words

Paul Tripp

The weight of the words we use today, whether it be in personal conversation, online, or in group settings matters. Our words are far more powerful than we realize … to build up, to tear down, to effect others. If that weren’t enough, how we speak is also a great indicator of what is really going on in our hearts and the ways we do or don’t trust God and his plan for us. Paul Tripp’s book is an incredibly thought-provoking and challenging biblical exploration of the topic filled with honesty, humility, and hope. Discussions will show how the gospel effects our words, give us a new mission for our speech, and unpack some practical ways to use our words wisely.

Read scripture passages and 2-3 pages of the book out loud together; discuss using provided discussion guide here

8 sessions

Participants purchase book; no participant prep (outside reading optional)

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