Men's Study: A Man and His Story

Men's Study: A Man and His Story

Room 320

Our past doesn't have to define us. We all face moments when we ask ourselves 'why do I act like this?' or 'why do I feel this way?' Many of us have never taken time to connect the dots between our past and our present to help us understand why we act the way we do or how we got here. Minimizing or neglecting our past always gives our past an opportunity to control and hijack not only our present, but also our future. 

This interactive BetterMan video series led by former NFL player and pastor Derwin Gray will help us process the defining moments and key relationships of our past in a way that helps us find hope and freedom. 

Register for $20 to cover 4 dinners, workbook, and childcare. 

Registration closed on Friday, March 22, 2024

If you have any questions, please contact Shay Roush.

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