Integrated Soul Care
Integrated Soul Care is a holistic approach to dealing with the many ways that people have been affected by sin and suffering in a broken world. 

Our approach will address three inter-related perspectives in your life:
Contextual: We will identify what is happening in your current circumstances and the growth areas you want to work on.
Experiential: We will explore major life events that have had the most significant impact on you and how they shape who you are in the present.
Spiritual: We will look at how God relates to your story and offers wisdom and insight to address life’s deepest questions and hurts.

John Tinnin

Pastor, Director of Counseling

Lynn Roush

Assistant Director of Counseling

Christine Goodwin

Counselor & Counseling Admin

Jules Lundberg

Counseling Intern

Austin Conner

Pastor, Counseling Intern

Step One
The professional counseling services at The Crossing are reserved for members and regular attendees only.

Please review the requirements for membership and regular attendance in our FAQ section to make sure that you can be considered for a free consultation.
Step Two
If you are a Crossing member or regular attendee, please fill out an online request form that provides a formal request for a free consultation. You will be contacted by our Clinical Coordinator within 3-5 business days of the receipt of that official request, who will set up a consultation to help us determine what your counseling goals are, and how we may be able to help.

Step Three
Once you have completed your consultation, our clinical coordinator will communicate with you about the counseling team’s recommendations and availability. You may be paired with one of our counselors or provided with a referral. We may also include suggested resources such as a book, class, support group or another local ministry that would be of benefit to you.