A Christian Breathing Meditation with Grace Albritton

In Christian meditation, we are re-aligning ourselves vertically. We're remapping our horizontal realities with a vertical view/perspective. Enabling us to embody that vertical perspective replaces anxiety and tension with a calm confidence.

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Grace Albritton is on our staff at the church where I am a pastor. She’s on our database team. But she also from time to time has led breathing meditations with some of our staff teams and they have really loved it. I got a chance to participate in one and my first thought was to have her do a breathing meditation for this podcast. So that is what this is. I think you’ll benefit from Grace’s voice and her obvious deep relationship with God. Of course like with any episode of a bigger life, if this episode is too long for the time you have you can just stop whenever you need to and pick up again when you have time. I think you’re gonna like this one.

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