Managing Your Emotions: With You in the Weeds Podcast

Managing Your Emotions: With You in the Weeds Podcast

Crossing Counseling

Have you lost your temper recently? Felt sad or hopeless? Paralyzed with anxiety? The truth is, you experience emotions daily, whether you know it or not. Your brain continually produces feelings before you have time to think logically or rationally. Emotions are a powerful source of information, but sometimes they cause problems in relationships, prevent productivity, or create confusion in your life. Understanding your emotions is a step towards emotional intelligence, meaningful relationships, and a deeper connection with God. This study from Crossing Counseling is a chance for you to learn about your emotions and how to manage them so they don’t manage you.

8 weeks, 13 podcast episodes. Comes with a Leader Guide for discussion & handouts on each emotion. Email [email protected] for access to the discussion guide.

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